By Jose M. Perez, Solutions Engineer

What is the business opportunity for web performance improvements?

In the past I have been too naive thinking that every stakeholder would care as much as I do about web performance. “Look, there are many case studies proving a correlation between loading time and business metrics!” —…

Solutions Engineering sign at Facebook

Spotify’s web player running on MacOS as a PWA

Why performance is important

Study after study shows how slowing sites down results in less engagement, less time on the site and a general decrease in key business metrics. Still, in our development teams we continue to prioritize more highly shipping features over addressing web performance.

Implementing a PWA or adapting an existing site to “become a PWA” can be daunting. There are many new technologies to learn about, but you don’t need to use all of them to improve your website performance and user experience greatly.

“seven mason jars of coffee on table” by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

What are Progressive Web Apps

If you are a web developer you have probably heard about Progressive Web Apps (PWA). Web sites that load quick, are reliable, feel smooth and take advantage of modern APIs.

Optimizing SVGs is great for performance, but can we go beyond? In this post I will show some common issues with inlined and responsive SVGs applied to a real website.

Web Performance is not only about understanding what makes a site fast. It’s about creating awareness amongst both developers and non-developers. Performance is a feature and needs to be prioritized as such.

How to use a High-Order Component to load what is needed, when needed.

Picture by Marvin Ronsdorf

A small detail to show that you care about performance

Tim Kadlec’s site shows the page load time in the footer.

José M. Pérez

Engineer at Facebook. Previously at Spotify. Google Dev Expert in Web technologies. I like JS and performance optimization.

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